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Our family has a variety of interests and is involved in various projects, from bicycling and genealogy to family reunions, GeoCaching, photography, and fiber arts.  The Explore Page contains brief descriptions of, and links to, pages on this site relating to those interests.  We hope that they will be informative and interesting to you.


Hi there, and welcome to our Web Site. We are Eric and Margie Dyck, of Overland Park, Kansas. This site is mainly for our family and friends, but if you just happen to be surfing by, consider yourself our friend and stay awhile.

Photographic Exhibit Opening January 6th is a One Man Show of Dr. Eric Dyck's Photgraphic Work

Exhibit is located in the Blue Valley Recreation Activity Center, 6545 W. 151st Street, Overland Park, Kansas.

Exhibit Open January 6th through February, 2016

Previous Exhibits:

  • Reflections Gallery, Miami County Medical Center/Miami County Arts Coalition      Exhibit Gallery